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So if you decide to spy on an employee suspected of dirty play, all of their incoming and outgoing letters with every confidential document and project detail will end up on that server, including the ones written by you. The problem is, you are probably not the only one. The app developer is almost certain to have access to it, too.

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Worse, this sensitive data may end up in the hands of malefactors or even become publicly available. In August , a researcher known as L. The hacker took advantage of it to get hold of photos, voice recordings, messages, and location data from 10, devices controlled using the spyware.

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In March , another researcher, Cian Heasley, discovered a whole MobiiSpy server was publicly available. It held more than 95, photos, including intimate ones, and more than 25, voice recordings. Even the stalkerware installation process is not safe. First, most of these apps fail to comply with the policies of official stores such as Google Play, so you will not find them featured. That means, in the case of an Android device, you have to consent to installing third-party apps —which, in turn, opens the door to hosts of malware.

Moreover, some spying apps insist that protection solutions be deactivated — or they simply get rid of them, if authorized to do so. That is where stalkerware is different from legal parental control apps, which do not try to hide themselves on the device, or deactivate the antivirus, and they can be found in official marketplaces.

Stalkerware — unethical but legal (almost)

Cocospy is a reliable and trusted cell phone monitoring solution. It is a powerful spy software with an aim to facilitate parents and employers. Yet, it can be used by anyone to spy on Android or iPhone. It is a balanced combination of cell phone monitoring features, affordability, and performance.

This Software Company May Be Helping People Illegally Spy On Their Spouses

Cocospy is really simple to use. Anyone can set up Cocospy for monitoring of a target device. It does not require any technical expertise. Follow the Cocospy Setup Wizard and complete setup within 5 minutes. Once set up, you can log in to your Cocospy Control Panel from any web browser of any device.

Go to the dashboard and select between different options to see the data of the monitored phone. It has a pleasant looking user interface with intuitive navigation which makes spying a lot easier. With Cocospy, you can track calls, read text messages, view location history, access address book and see media files.

Besides, you can track the activities of popular social apps without rooting or jailbreaking the phone. The Android version comes with a keylogger and SIM card replacement alert features. Additionally, you can define virtual boundaries and get geofence alert when the boundary is crossed. Check out the Cocospy review here! The Android version is compatible with all devices running Android 4. The iOS solution is compatible with all versions of iOS. Cocospy offers a No Root Android Monitoring solution. You will need the target device for a few minutes to download and install Cocospy into it.

The service silently runs in the background. For iOS devices, there is a No Jailbreak solution. There is no need to even install any app on the iPhone. Cocospy comes in three affordable pricing plans. You can view the complete pricing details here. It tracks all the activities of a target device. Hoverwatch is a good spy app but it needs a rooted device to give access to the advanced functionality.


You can monitor the third party apps too without rooting the device. Hoverwatch is not compatible with iPhone or iPad. It is a comprehensive spy solution for everyone at an affordable price. This definitely disappoints serious buyers. Spyic does not disappoint you in this regard as well. Hoverwatch has poor customer support. The knowledge base has a few articles only.

The CSR can be contacted via email only. Hoverwatch offers Personal, Professional and Business pricing plans.


Mobile Phone Spying Software: Legality, Symptoms, and Removal

As compared to the competitors, SpyToMobile has nothing much to offer. It provides pretty basic monitoring features. It intercepts the incoming and outgoing messages, calls history and contacts for a nonrooted device. Then within two days I had plugged my phone into computer to charge over night. Next morning my phone was locked said I needed a Sim puk number. Took me all day with phone company. They had all my email accounts and passwords.

Posted all kinds of things on Google just nasty bad things. They could watch me through camera and listen to me. They downloaded all kinds of apps. Had phone reset but they are back took me 4 hours to get into my phone today. What can I do?

Is it illegal to install phone spy software on someone's cell phone?

This goes out to everyone that is having issues with these spyware apps. One do a factory reset of the phone that will clear the program out. This is a good way to look through your device without them in it also. Use a white noise machine this blocks them from yearning in on you.

Also if you really want to get their attention get an noise app one that has KHz on it and turn it up full but no lower than Khz. They will hear you after this if their ear drum is not hurting good luck. Your email address will not be published. Home Sitemap Blog Reviews. Fabian Arellano December 15, Anonymous User April 6, Steven February 12, Kara February 28, SpyAppsMobile March 6, February 12, Matshelo May 12,